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Vol. 26(1), 2018
Publication Date:
Article List
  • 1CHEN Wei
    Bifidobacteria and host health—an update
    2018 Vol. 26(1): 1-17 [abstract] HTML PDF (1021K) 中文版下载
  • 18WU Jing,TAO XiuMei, ZHANG Kang, SU LingQia, CHEN Sheng
    Advances in molecular modification and efficient expression of key enzymes for functional saccharide preparation
    2018 Vol. 26(1): 18-29 [abstract] HTML PDF (937K) 中文版下载
  • 30WANG ZhiHao, MA Hui, LIU JingMin, WANG Shuo
    Progress in advanced methodology development for food-safety inspection
    2018 Vol. 26(1): 30-42 [abstract] HTML PDF (6137K) 中文版下载
  • 43SHANG LongChen, JIN WeiPing, TIAN Jing, LI Jing,LI Bin
    A review of nutriology of food hydrocolloids
    2018 Vol. 26(1): 43-54 [abstract] HTML PDF (931K) 中文版下载
  • 55ZHANG Dan Dan, ZENG Qing, JIANG Guo Xiang,JIANG YueMing, DUAN XueWu
    Regulation of carotenoid biosynthesis in fruit
    2018 Vol. 26(1): 55-66 [abstract] HTML PDF (4967K) 中文版下载
  • 67WU AiBo, LIU Na, YU DianZhen, TIAN Ye, YANG YunXia, HU DongQiang, WANG Lan, YUSong
    Overview of analysis, risk assessment and control of Fusarium mycotoxins in contaminated foods
    2018 Vol. 26(1): 67-74 [abstract] HTML PDF (754K) 中文版下载
  • 75YIN JunYi, XIE MingYong, NIE ShaoPing
    A review on promoting structure research of polysaccharide from natural resources
    2018 Vol. 26(1): 75-83 [abstract] HTML PDF (856K) 中文版下载
  • 84LI ChunBao, HE Jing, ZHOU GuangHong
    Changes of meat proteins during processing and their impacts on meat quality
    2017 Vol. 58(6): 84-91 [abstract] HTML PDF (15499K) 中文版下载