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Part I Overall Strategies

3. Development Objectives. The overall development targets of NSFC by 2015 is to establish a more dynamic, efficient and open science funding system with Chinese characteristics; pursue a balanced, coordinated and sustainable development of various disciplines, and facilitate several mainstream disciplines in the world frontiers;build a high-level personnel for basic research and foster excellent scientists and innovative teams with international influence; constantly elevate the overall level of China’s basic research, visibly enhance the international impact of basic research and the indigenous innovative capacity in several major fields of science, and lay a solid scientific foundation for sustainable economic and social development to accelerate the building of an innovative country.

4. Development Strategies. In keeping with the development targets, following five strategies will be arranged and implemented: the original innovation strategy, the innovative personnel strategy, the open and cooperation strategy, the innovative environment strategy, and the management of excellency strategy.

The original innovation strategy. NSFC will intensify forward-looking arrangements in keeping with the requirements of the country’s future development strategy and the requirements of science frontier development. It will emphasize steady support and encourage dedication to research according to scientific laws It will improve disciplinary layout, promote interdisciplinary research, implement different funding models for different disciplines, and solidify the disciplinary basis for a sustainable development of basic research. It will support non-consensus innovations and transformative researches that may produce new ideas and new concepts, encourage breakthroughs in original innovations, and pursue breakthroughs in priority fields.

The innovative personnel strategy. Proceeding from the overall situation of the country’s talented personnel work, NSFC will strengthen the layout of the personnel funding system by stressing on serving for development , mechanism innovation and overall arrangements. It will innovate the science funding mechanisms for talented personnel discovery, selection, evaluation and motivation and develop the funding chain for talented personnel training according to scientific laws for creating a favorable environment for their growth and playing their role. It will make overall funding arrangements for various projects, optimize the structure and layout of talented personnel funding, support talented personnel training in remote, poor or ethnic minority areas, and help female scientists to grow healthily..It will also attach great importance to the guiding and promoting roles of research projects in graduate training.

The open and cooperation strategy. Conforming to the unique features and laws of the internationalized development of basic research, NSFC will emphasize the policy of equal cooperation, mutual benefit, based on frontiers, long-term perspective, stress on priority and pragmatic. It will overall plan and utilize scientific and technological resources both at home and abroad, promote substantial cooperative research, and create an open innovation environment for scientists to better participate in international (regional) scientific collaboration. While intensifying multi-level, multi-dimensional and wide-ranging international cooperation, NSFC will strive to foster international cooperation on Chinese's initiative in some fields where China enjoys unique features or advantages so as to further boost the international reputation and influence of basic science.

The innovative environment strategy. NSFC will strengthen strategic coordination with the central and local governmental departments in charge of science and technology and industries for mobilizing the initiative of various sectors to develop their basic research and promote the coordinated development of indigenous innovation systems. It will emphasize scientific evaluation, increase academic inclusiveness, promote resource sharing, safeguard scientific integrity, and improve the soft environment for research. It will strengthen the dissemination and demonstration of the integrated research result, promote public understanding of science for helping the general public to understand and support the development of basic research.

The management of excellency strategy. NSFC will actively respond to the development trend of the science fund, transform the development model and improve management. The intensive, simplified and cost-effective management will be implemented regarding to integrate management affairs,make overall arrangements for evaluation, optimize management procedures,provide convenient services, cut management costs and be thrifty in duty performing for ensuring scientists can be devoted all their attention to scientific research. The qualification of NSFC staff, evaluation experts, and the management teams in NSFC's registered institutions will be strengthened in a systematic way. It will be enhanced that the strategic management capacity for a coordinated arrangement of scientific and technological resources, the scientific management capacity in conformity with the laws governing disciplinary development, the democratic management capacity for integrating the wisdoms of scientific communities, and the legal management capacity that emphasize disciplined duty performance. The development of the culture for science funding will be enhanced and the longstanding mechanisms to maintain public credibility will be improved for advancing the science funding system with Chinese characteristics to a new stage.

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