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Part I Overall Strategies

5. Overall Funding System. In accordance with the Science Fund’s strategic position in the national innovation system, the NSFC will stick to the strategic direction of emphasizing basic research, frontier research and personnel training and will continue to improve the Science Fund’s funding pattern along with three lines: research program, personnel program and environmental condition program.

The research program mainly focuses on making unified disciplinary layout, highlighting priority fields, promoting disciplinary crossing and encouraging original innovation. The personnel program mainly focuses on building personnel reserves, stabilizing young personnel, supporting regional personnel, cultivating top-rate personnel and building innovation teams. The environmental condition program mainly focuses on strengthening condition support, promoting resource sharing, promoting public understanding, and optimizing development environment. The research program mainly comprises General Program, Key Program, Major Program, Major Research Plan and International (regional) Collaborative Research projects. The personnel program mainly comprises the National Science Fund for Talent Training in Basic Science, Young Scientists Fund, Fund for Less Developed Regions, National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Science Fund for Creative Research Groups and Research Fellowships for International Young Scientists. The environmental condition program mainly comprises the Special Fund for Basic Research on Scientific Instruments, the Programs of Joint Funds, the Program for Public Understanding of Science, the Special Fund for Scientific Activities for Teenagers, the Special Fund for Key Academic Journals, and the Program for International (regional) Academic Conference and Exchanges.

While the three lines of programs have their respective functions, they constitute an inter-related organic whole. Together, they constitute a funding pattern, which has clear role definitions, distinct levels, unique features and close links. The NSFC will fully tap the overall efficiency of science fund management, enhance the overall benefit of science funding, and boost the overall capacity for indigenous innovation. In keeping with the development of science and technology and the national strategic demands and in respect of the unique features of different scientific and technological activities and the laws governing the development of scientific and technological personnel, the NSFC will make dynamic adjustments and continue to optimize the funding pattern.

6. Funding Task. In accordance with the guiding principles, overall considerations and strategic arrangements of the Science Fund’s development during the 12th Five Year Plan period, NSFC will effectively enhance the awareness of strategy and overall situation, and arrange funding plans in coordination with the development targets and the funding pattern according to three categories of research program, personnel program and environmental condition program. It will play important roles in promoting a balanced and coordinated development of scientific disciplines so as to form a more scientific and rational disciplinary layout and build a solid disciplinary foundation in conformity with the requirement of an innovative country. It will play important roles in stimulating and cultivating innovative ideas, encouraging scientists to make free explorations and tap creation potentials, and heightening the overall level of basic research. It will play important roles in stabilizing and cultivating Innovative talents, establishing high-level teams for basic research in keeping with future demands, and accumulating intellectual capital in support of building an innovative country. It will play important roles in allocating scientific and technological resources, integrating scientific and technological resources, and building a national innovation system. It will play important roles in utilizing global scientific and technological resources in a unified way, fully attracting and utilizing overseas resources, and enhancing the international competitiveness of China’s basic research.

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