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Part II Development Tasks and Special Arrangements

8. Train Innovation Personnel and Strengthen Intellectual Support. In light of China’s overall situation and the overall arrangements for human resources, the NSFC will strengthen links and coordination with other governmental S&T and education departments, overall planning for personnel funding programs, and jointly promote personnel development in China. It may establish a personnel funding and training system that will run throughout research careers of researcher based on the integration and coordination of the funding arrangements for various personnel funding programs.
The NSFC will pay attention on the building of a talent pool for basic research. The National Science Fund for Talent Training in Basic Science will promote the close combination of basic research with education. It will rely on the national bases for personnel training in basic research and teaching to strengthen the research training of undergraduates for enhancing their practical ability and stimulating their scientific interest and innovation consciousness so as to build highly-qualified personnel pool for scientific research.

The NSFC will support vigorously young researchers. The Young Scientists Fund will emphasize the stabilization of young scientists, fully tap their advantage in active innovation thinking, and encourage them to make innovative explorations. In light of national strategic demands and in order to reflect the unique features of disciplinary development, the Fund will insist on overall development, emphasize the potential ability, recruit talents of all kinds, make scientific evaluations, and selectively support based on merit so that the structure and distribution of China’s basic research personnel will be more rational. The Fund will maintain funding intensity and expand funding scale to provide a talent pool for basic research.

The NSFC will actively support researchers from less developed regions. The Fund for Less Developed Regions should earnestly implement the policy concerned on ethnic groups and the national strategy on regional development, pay high attention to personnel stabilization and cultivation in ethnic and western regions, gradually intensify support, elevate the overall qualifications of regional human resources for S&T, promote the establishment of regional innovation system, and boost the overall coordination and close integration of its funding with regional personnel cultivation, disciplinary layout and science and technology development.

The NSFC will emphasize the cultivation of top-rate personnel. The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars will emphasize high-end guidance and build funding platform for top-rate personnel. This Fund will fully play its demonstration role in driving disciplinary development and attracting overseas personnel, and encourage grantees of the Fund to explore science frontiers that can drive the development of science and technology, economy and society and to cultivate leaders in indigenous innovations.

The NSFC will give great efforts to build innovation teams. The Science Fund for Creative Research Groups will further strengthen strategic planning, and mobilize the initiative of all parties to jointly improve and develop the funding management mechanism. This Fund will strengthen guidance over science targets, tap the strength of teamwork in solving difficulty issues, cultivate large numbers of best scientists and innovation teams with international influence and potential of attacking the frontiers of world science and technology for promoting Chinese researches in some disciplines, which enjoy relative advantages, into the frontiers of the world.

The NSFC will emphasize to bridge collaborations. The Research Fellowships for International Young Scientists will focus on attracting foreign top-rate young scholars to carry out and participate in basic research in China and establish partnership between Chinese and foreign young scholars. The Joint Research Fund for Overseas Chinese Scholars and Scholars in Hong Kong and Macao will take full advantage of overseas scientific and technological resources, and attract overseas personnel to conduct high-level cooperative researches, and drive disciplinary development and personnel training.

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