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Part II Development Tasks and Special Arrangements

9. Improve Infrastructure and Create a Favorable Research Environment. The NSFC will encourage to upgrade research tools, guide resource allocation, promote cooperation and exchanges, enhance public understanding, and create environment for innovation so as to provide strong support for innovation research and personnel training.

The NSFC will strengthen strategic planning and top-level designing for the National Special Fund for Indigenous Development of Major Instruments and Equipment for Research and provide effective funding for the indigenous development of innovative instruments and equipment for research that are oriented toward science frontiers and have major application prospects so as to drive disciplinary development, widen research fields and boost national capacity for indigenous innovation.

The Special Fund for Basic Research on Scientific Instruments will be focused to improve research tools, optimize research infrastructure, boost R&D capacities and guide innovation exploration. It will emphasize the innovative development or improvement of important scientific instruments or test devices that are badly required for frontier researches, and solve the important basic scientific issues in the development of science instruments. The research project will be not only encouraged on new principles, new technologies and new methodology, but also the research and development of the prototypes of original equipment and instruments.

The joint funding program will be oriented toward national demands, attract diverse inputs, promote resource sharing, and push forward multilateral cooperation. It will advocate the collaboration of enterprises with universities and research institutions for promoting the enterprises capacity building of technology innovation, to share major research equipment and tap the demonstration roles of different departments in resource integration and research cooperation for promoting the building of knowledge innovation system, and to stimulate strategic coordination with local authorities for promoting the establishment of regional innovation system.

The NSFC will strengthen funding arrangements for research infrastructure and and environment. The accumulation of basic scientific data will be focused. The sharing of public research equipments will be promoted. The funding for state key laboratories will be emphasized to provide better research conditions. The funding for the public understanding of science and scientific activities for teenagers will be increased for promoting the popularization of science, enhancing scientific qualifications, cultivating human resources for basic research with exploratory interest and innovation spirit.

The NSFC will further deepen international cooperation and exchanges. The funding for young scientists will be emphasized in the funding program for international exchanges, international summer workshops, inter-organizational cooperative research, bilateral academic symposiums and other projects. Chinese scientists will be encouraged to actively participate in major international science programs and projects so as to fully exert their intellectual advantage and effectively utilize international scientific and technological resources.

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