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Part II Development Tasks and Special Arrangements

10. Strategic Arrangements for International (Regional) Collaboration. The NSFC will encourage vast numbers of scientists to carry out wide-ranging and far-reaching international (regional) cooperation and exchanges with the world-class scientists and research institutions. It will continue to promote The substantial international (regional) cooperative researches will be further promoted for more research in China entering the international frontiers. The participation and planning of bilateral and multilateral international (regional) scientific collaboration will be actively promoted so as to effectively utilize global scientific and technological resources, stimulate the building of China’s innovation capacity for basic research, and enhance China’s impacts on international academic stages. The strategic collaboration will be pushed forward to boost capacities to cope with regional and global scientific cooperation, exert the active roles of China’s basic research in the international scientific innovation system. The joint funding activities with governmental science and technology agencies for encouraging the initiation of key international research and brain drain programs will be enhanced.

The NSFC will strengthen policy research, formulate and adjust country-specific policies on the NSFC’s open and cooperation strategy in light of the unique features of basic research. The collaboration with scientifically developed countries will be further and promptly explored and the existing mechanisms for bilateral and multilateral cooperation will be improved and optimized. The collaboration with neighboring and developing countries will be promoted and the funding mechanisms for south-south cooperation will be explored. The multilateral cooperation will be actively participated and international science organizations will be fully coordinated for carrying out across board research projects and encouraging Chinese scientists to participate in, initiate and implement regional and international key research program. The collaboration with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be further strengthened in accordance with the “One country, Two systems” policy.

11. Development Tasks for International (Regional) Collaboration. The substantial international (regional) collaborative researches will be further promoted. In accordance with the disciplinary development strategy and the priority arrangements, the NSFC will encourage Chinese scientists to carry out substantial cooperative researches with foreign peers in frontier sciences and organize and participate in multilateral scientific research programs. The collaborative research jointly funded by NSFC and foreign counterparts will be further explored. In keeping with agreements or memorandum of cooperation, the NSFC will constantly implement and fund bilateral and multilateral collaborative research programs jointly with various organizations, and gradually standardize and improve the management models for joint funding, joint evaluation and joint conclusion. The favorable environment for international (regional) cooperation and exchanges will be created. The NSFC will continue to support Chinese scientists to plan and hold major bilateral and multilateral academic conferences in conformity with the disciplinary building and development strategy and encourage them to carry out diverse international cooperation and exchange activities in conformity with the unique features of various disciplines. It will expand the funding scale for international (regional) cooperation and exchange projects, improve the quality of international (regional) cooperation and exchanges, and support the scientists and especially young scientists who undertake NSFC on-going projects to participate in and organize international (regional) cooperation and exchange activities in the forms of summer workshops, bilateral symposiums and short-term mutual visits. The funding mechanism of the Research Fellowships for International Young Scientists will be improved. The NSFC will expand the funding scale and gradually build the international research scholarship system with its own characteristic. Meanwhile, it will explore a fund for senior visiting scholars to attract international senior scientists to work and teach in China. The international (regional) collaborative research network established by Chinese scientists will be encouraged. In accordance with its disciplinary development and priority funding fields, the NSFC will encourage and fund Chinese scientists and research groups to establish the international (regional) collaborative research networks for a long-term and stable cooperation relationships with their foreign partners in several frontier fields, basic disciplinary fields and research fields in which China is relatively weak.

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