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Part III Policy for Implementing the Plan

Chapter 10 Ensure Financial Investment

16. State Fiscal Investment. NSFC will actively strive for a sustained and steady growth of central fiscal inputs for the National Natural Science Fund for supporting sustained and steady development of China’s basic research and consolidating scientific basis for indigenous innovation, based on the scientific forecasts of funding demands according to the examination of the developmental trends of international innovation policies and investment for basic research, the analysis of the development of China’s basic research and the application for the Fund, and the latest developments of human resources for the Fund, as well as the possibility of national R&D investment.

17. Diversified Investments. NSFC will promote coordinated development among the various components of the national innovation system, further strengthen strategic coordination with national and regional science and technology administrations, communities and enterprises, improve the joint funding mechanism, fully tap the impacts of the National Natural Science Fund, actively guide social resources to invest in basic research, mobilize the sharing of scientific and technological resources, stimulate the combination of industries, universities and research institutions, and upgrade the capacity of the National Natural Science Fund to guide the allocation of scientific and technological resources.

18. Standardize Financial Management. NSFC will improve its financial management system with a view to realizing more scientific and elaborate management. In keeping with the principles of budgeting expenses according to income and balancing income and spending, NSFC will conscientiously compile scientific, complete and feasible budget. It will standardize budget execution, improve the dynamic regulatory mechanism, and ensure that project funds are allocated in an accurate, timely and secure way. It will further improve the financial management systems for the grants of the funded projects and, strengthen the regulatory responsibilities of the research institutions through spot audits to ensure legal, efficient and rational use of project grants. It will establish and improve the internal financial management system, strengthen the management and supervision over the administrative expenses and the project organizing and implementing expenses, strictly control various management expenses, and work hard to reduce management costs and enhance management efficiency.

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