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Part III Policy for Implementing the Plan

Chapter 11 Strengthen Strategic Planning

19. Improve Planning Mechanism. In keeping with the developmental trends of scientific frontiers and the national strategic demands, NSFC will continue to increase its strategic regulatory capacity and effectively tap the guiding roles of the National Natural Science Fund as a national strategic resource. It will strengthen and improve macro regulation and increase the relevance and flexibility of the funding policy. It will ensure that the Annual Guidelines to Programs are scientific, strategic and forward-looking. On the basis of continuing to adopt the progressive tactics to distribute funds among funding programs, it will fully tap the initiative of individual scientific departments, and make proportionally increased funds available for these scientific departments to work out their budgetary plans according to the disciplinary development strategy and priority areas for funding. After full certification, a dynamic balance will be realized between the proportions of the disciplinary funds of the National Natural Science Fund so as to promote the balanced, coordinated and sustainable development of disciplines and the cultivation of innovation talents.

20. Strengthen Strategic Consultation for Decision-Making. NSFC will improve its organizational management mechanism for strategic consultation for serving the scientific and democratic decision making of the National Natural Science Fund. The working mechanism of the expert consulting committees of various science departments will be improved to fully tap the roles of the experts. The strategic consulting will be strengthened the consulting opinions of the science and technology community will be solicited on a regular basis referring to the strategies and policies of the National Natural Science Fund and on the funding management and disciplinary development. The consultation for the initiation of project will be enhanced for fully playing the roles of scientific and academic communities in policy-making so as to provide consultation for the initiation of major projects and major research plan programs and for the formulation and implementation of the disciplinary development strategy. Policy researches on disciplinary layout and development will be organized depending on the expert for strengthening the strategic analysis of the developments of disciplinary frontiers and development trends, and guiding the overall layout and healthy development of various disciplines.

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