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Part III Policy for Implementing the Plan

Chapter 12 Improve Funding Management

21. Performance of the Management according to Law. NSFC will conscientiously implement the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Science and Technology Progress and the Regulations of the National Natural Science Foundation of China , and steadily promote the legal establishment of the National Natural Science Fund. The administrative regulations and systems will be further improved based on the Regulations and the integration and coordination between organizational management, procedure management, fund management, and supervision and support. The investigation on the legal issues arising from the funding and management of the National Natural Science Fund will be strengthened to continue to solidify the effective and mature management experiences and turn them into a sound legal system of the National Natural Science Fund for the funding management accordingly. The reform of the mechanism for management will be actively explored according to law for implementing the management accountability, and truly safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of research institutions, scientists, technicians, and evaluation experts.

22. Improve Evaluation Mechanisms. For the high-risk and highly innovative research projects and the cross-disciplinary research projects, an evaluation mechanism, which is different from the traditional peer review mechanism and a special project scrutinization and evaluation management model for trial implementation will be actively explored, and pilot will be implemented to offer funding in time to the researches, which have far-reach implications, high innovative values or revolutionary implications and boost their capacity for original innovation. The building of an evaluation expert database will be strengthened and the mechanism for the evaluation of the credit of experts will be established to ensure the quality of evaluations. The expert database will be developed to select experts for project evaluation, and the intelligent selection of evaluation experts will be explored so as to help enhance management efficiency. The evaluation institutionalization and standardization will be promoted and the handbook for peer review will be compiled. The project evaluation standards and systems will improved in light of the unique features of different disciplines. The supervision and evaluation system on the development of peer reviews at fixed period will be formulated for improving the monitoring system on peer reviews.

23. Improve Project Management. NSFC will further tap the initiative of various scientific departments and explore management models based on the unique features of different disciplines and on different types of projects so as to enhance its scientific management capacity. In respect of scientific laws,the execution periods for some types of projects will be properly extended and the mechanism for extended support will be explored so as to further create an environment for steady funding. The rule on limited numbers of funded projects will be simplified for more practical, understandable and applicable application. The information service and sharing platform for National Natural Science Fund will be fully utilized for project management and the open evaluation mechanism for research results from funded projects will be improved. The burdens of researchers and evaluation experts will be alleviated by adopting various forms of the project examination and sampling working procedures. The management of the funded project's results will be enhanced and the information service system for NSFC's projects and international data platform concerned will be fully utilized to realize the sharing of research result data and the opening of these data to the public. Scientists will be encouraged to publish their research results in domestic journals so as to promote academic exchanges. The effective collection of research results will be strengthened and the results of indigenous innovation will be actively disseminated.

24. Strengthen Performance Evaluation. The performance evaluation mechanism will be improved with respect to the development of basic research and reflects the unique features of the National Natural Science Fund. The feedback system for performance information and its working mechanism will be completed for continuously improving the management of the National Natural Science Fund so that the management will be more scientific and standard. The performance-opening system will be implemented to increase the transparency of management and the level of performance information monitoring, and the intensity of information disclosure for enhancing the National Natural Science Fund’s performance management capacity. The international evaluation work of the National Natural Science Fund’s funding and management performance will be profoundly summarized and a longstanding mechanism of overall evaluations will be explored to facilitate the scientific development of the National Natural Science Fund.

25. Improve Information Service. The construction of the information system will be further facilitated to preliminary build an information sharing environment for the National Natural Science Fund, which can offer a networked, digitalized, safe, reliable and efficient operational support and service system. The information infrastructure will be further elevated and the service capacity of the data center will be expended including the improvement of project management, e-government, decision-making support and information sharing. As a priority, the information gateway, the project management service, the e-government service, the service in support of management decision making and performance evaluation, the basic research information sharing and user service, the information resource and knowledge management, the infrastructures, the data center, the security system and the support system will be established to offer a high-quality information services for the funding management and provide an information sharing and support platform for basic research, and to gradually realize a strategic transition from management informatization to informatizated management.

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