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Part III Policy for Implementing the Plan

Chapter 13 Strengthen Workforce Development

26. Improve the Development of Institutions and Personnel. In keeping with the overall requirements of the reform of the country’s public institutional organizations and personnel systems, NSFC will make efforts to build a workforce with high qualifications, strong service awareness, high professional quality, and high integrity and diligence. The responsibilities for positions will be classified with rationalize and optimize functions. The new personnel placement mechanism and position management will be improved, and position shift system will be implemented. The role of rotating program directors will be further developed. The selection, appointment and evaluation of staff will be improved. The training for staff member will be coordinated in a unified way and the overall qualification and management ability of staff will be enhanced. The corruption punishment and prevention system will be established and improved to place equal emphasis on education, system and supervision, as well as intensify ethic education for build a working mechanism for the prevention and control of corruption and ethic risks.

27. Improve the Development of Evaluation Experts. The principle for expert selection will be equally focused on academic attainment and moral qualifications and moral qualifications will be accorded priority. The policy guidance, and strategic awareness for the evaluation experts will be enhanced. The management training for evaluation experts will be conducted for enhancing the ability of them to practice their duties in the way of normalization The norm for evaluation experts will be formulated, the avoidance, confidentiality and other systems should be strictly respected for further increasing the public credibility of evaluations. The expert credit files containing the personal information and evaluation records of evaluation experts will be established for strengthening credit management. The dynamic management mechanism, and incentive and restraint mechanism for evaluation experts will be improved.

28. Facilitate the Development of Project Management Staff of Registered Institutions. The regulation and procedure concerned 0will be improved to normalize the management of registered institutions. The principle for classified guidance will be formed to tap the demonstration roles of registered institutions which have more awarded projects in standard management. The training will be intensified for building a workforce of project management staff in registered institutions who are familiar with the National Natural Science Fund’s management rules, and specialized in the awarded project management. The reward system will be improved and the registered institutions and individuals, who make outstanding contributions to the National Natural Science Fund’s management, will be praised on a regular basis. The positive roles of the network of registered institutions will be developed and the network’s management and operating mechanism will be improved The dialogue and exchanges with local science funding agencies over management work will be improved.

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