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Part III Policy for Implementing the Plan

Chapter 14 Create Innovation Culture

29. Safeguard Research Integrity. NSFC will guide the personnel engaged in science and technology administration and scientific research to form their performance views and value preferences that conform to scientific development, promote the building of science ethics, and promote the health development of basic research. It will tap the credit regulatory roles of the Regulations of NSFC and other related regulations and bring credit building in scientific research onto a legal track. It will earnestly implement the provisions of the Regulations of NSFC on original records, credit files, misconduct handling and fund supervision, fully tap the roles of the supervisory committee, and further improve the misconduct punishment and prevention system that gives equal emphasis to education, system building and supervisions. It will strengthen the building of academic norms, advocate fine research practices, and strengthen research credit education for undergraduates and graduates who participate in project researches.

30. Create Favorable Academic Atmosphere. NSFC will earnestly observe the laws governing the development of basic research and the growth of innovation personnel, improve the evaluation system for innovative researchers and talents, and prevent the tendencies of making simple quantification, overemphasizing quantity, neglecting quality and pursuing quick success and instant benefits. It will do all it can to create an academic atmosphere that features equal debate, encouragement of explorations, tolerance of failures and stimulation of innovations. Guided by the core values of socialism, it will intensify the building of the science fund culture that highlights respect for science, fairness, transparency, and innovation so as to constantly increase the cultural cohesion of the National Natural Science Fund. It will vigorously advocate the scientific spirit of being truthful and innovative, the exploratory spirit of defying hardships and daring to scale the heights of science and technology, the team spirit of unity, coordination and being indifferent to fame and profit, and the dedication spirit of serving motherland and society.

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