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Project Categories and Special Funds

  1. Joint Research Projects
    It funds joint research activities conducted by Chinese scientists (who undertake on-going NSFC research projects) with their foreign counterparts in the areas of mutual interests. The fund covers the costs for the exchange of personnel and information, and cooperation in scientific experiments. It is the priority funding category by NSFC in its international cooperation and exchanges.
  2. International Academic Conferences Held in China
    International academic conferences held in China facilitate Chinese scientists' wide participation in international cooperation and exchange and upgrade the research quality of NSFC funded research projects. Therefore, NSFC provides funding for international and regional important academic conferences which are closely related to the priority funding areas of NSFC or to newly emerging scientific disciplines.
    Applicants must be entities supported by NSFC and have the capability and resources to organize international conferences.
    Funding for this category mainly involves seed money at the initial period of preparation of the conference.
  3. Major International (Regional) Joint Research Projects
    It aims at strengthening the competitiveness of China in basic research and promoting Chinese basic research in some areas to the international forefront. It adheres to the principle of "equality, cooperation and mutual benefit" and strives for enhancing our innovative ability for basic research. The duration of funding is generally three to four years.
    Funding for this category covers research costs and expenses for exchanges.
  4. Fund for Chinese Scholars Abroad Returning for Short-period of Work or Lecture
    NSFC establishes this special fund in an attempt to create favorable conditions for encouraging overseas Chinese scholars to actively participate in the research of NSFC funded projects so that they can give full play to their intelligence and talent and make contributions to the Chinese S&T endeavor.
    Funding for this category involves living expenses for overseas Chinese scholars during their short-term stay in China to conduct joint research, organize workshops or seminars, and attend international conferences or other related activities.
  5. Joint Fund between NSFC and Hong Kong Research Grant Council
    NSFC and Hong Kong Research Grant Council jointly establish this fund to support the cooperation between scientists in the inland and Hong Kong. Funding from each side is generally used to cover local expenses of the joint research projects. The duration of each project is three years and priority is given to those relatively large and sustainable projects.
    Funding in the category mainly includes research expenditure, travel and accommodation fees and other costs identified by both parties.
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