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Information about Application

Requirement for Application:

  1. Applicants must be principle investigators of on-going NSFC research projects;
  2. Applicants for the Fund for International Cooperation and Exchange of State Key Laboratories must be permanent staff of the State key laboratories which have passed the examination or departmental open laboratories which have been rated "good" and above in the national unified evaluation.

MOU Projects and Non-MOU Projects

International cooperation and exchange projects can be divided into "MOU projects" and "non-MOU projects".

  1. MOU Projects
    These projects are included in and supported through the MOUs signed by NSFC and its overseas counterparts (see attached list of MOUs);
    Applicants from both sides should apply simultaneously to their respective funding organizations.
  2. Features:
    * The fee for exchange is secured;
    * The total cost is shared by both funding organizations.
    Non-MOU Projects
    * Chinese scientists apply from NSFC unilaterally;
    * NSFC provides funding to cover the expenses shared by Chinese scientists.
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