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Sino-German Center for Research Promotion

The Sino-German Center for Research Promotion is jointly established by NSFC and DFG. It was put into operation on October 19, 2000. NSFC and DFG invest 10 million yuan each annually to the Center to sponsor the cooperation and exchanges between scientists from the two countries.

Funding priorities:

  1. Joint research in areas of strategic importance such as new materials, information science and communication technology, nutrition research, nano-technology and microsystems, energy research, drought and environmental research, life sciences, advanced manufacture technology, transportation studies, etc.;
  2. Publication of literature or research achievements obtained through bilateral cooperation;
  3. Bilateral workshops;
  4. Sino-German joint research groups or laboratories;
  5. Small equipment specially needed for the joint research projects, and
    Other activities identified by the Joint Committee of the Center.

Detailed information can be found in the website of the Center;

Contact Points

The Bureau of International Cooperation of NSFC is in charge of the management of international cooperation and exchange activities through its five divisions: Division of Asian, African and International Organization Affairs, Division of American, Oceania and East European Affairs, Division of West European Affairs, Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs and Division of Planning. However, according to the regulation approved by the NSFC Council in 2001, the acceptance of applications for international cooperation and exchange projects are mainly the responsibility of NSFC scientific departments.

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