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President Yang Wei Attends the 10th IAAP Meeting and Visits Israel and Thailand

At the invitation of Israel Science Foundation (ISF), Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) and theNational Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), NSFC President Prof.Yang Wei led a delegation to visit Israel, Singapore and Thailand from June 21 to 30, 2015.

During his stay in Israel, Prof. Yang Wei met with Prof. Benjamin Geiger, Chair ofAcademic Board of ISF. Both sides agreed to deepen collaboration within the framework of China-Israel Joint Committee on Innovation Cooperation. Based on the sound on-going cooperation, the two sides reached the consensus to continue to fund in next 5 years the joint research activities between scientists of China and Israel, and discussed the possibilities to set up international joint research centers in priority fields of common interests. The delegation also learned the status quo of research in Israel and the progress of NSFC-ISF Joint Research Program, and held informal talks with some Chinese students during the visit to Hebrew University, Israel Institute of Technology(Technion) and Weizmann Institute of Science.

During his visit in Singapore, Prof. Yang Wei attended the 10th Meeting of International Academic Advisory Panel (IAAP). Singapore’sPrime Minister Lee HsienLoong cordially met with the representatives of the meeting. The theme of the 10th IAAP was“The role of universities in lifelong learning and innovation”. With his working experiences as a former university president and head of a funding agency, Prof. Yang Wei put forward related constructive suggestions and commentsafter summarizing the challenges faced by Singapore’s higher education since the 9th IAAP. The IAAP was established by Singapore’s MOE with a view to providing constructive suggestions and advices to MOE on the development of Singapore’s universities. It is chaired by Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Mr. TharmanShanmugaratnam, and comprises 13 members who are distinguished leaders in academia and industries from all over the world. The delegation also visited the National Research Foundation (NRF)and met with Prof. Low TeckSeng, CEO of NRF and a consensus was reached to establish bilateral cooperation relationship.

In Thailand, Prof. Yangmet respectively with Prof. SoottipornChittmittrapap, Secretary General of NRCT, and Prof.SuthipunJitpimolmard, Director of TRF. They reviewed the progress of bilateral cooperative projects and discussed the evaluation and management of joint research projects within the joint calls for proposals this year in the area of “Renewable Energy” and “Natural Products for Drug Discovery”. They also exchanged ideas about the themes and mode of cooperation for next round ofcall for proposals. Both sides reached consensus on further deepening bilateral cooperation.

Prof. FengFeng and Prof. Zhang Yongtao from the NSFC’s Bureau of International Cooperationaccompanied for the visit.

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