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Workshop on China-UK Major International Cooperation Research Program Held in Nanjing

From April 15th to 18th, 2015, the Workshop on China-UK Major International Cooperation Research Program --“Using Critical Zone Science to understand sustaining the ecosystem service of soil and water”, co-sponsored by NSFC and NERC was held in Nanjing. Prof. Liu Congqiang, NSFC Vice President and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the workshop. Also present at the event were about 50 Chinese and UK scholars from relevant areas, including 20 UK researchers and about 30 Chinese researchers from 14 universities and research institutes.

At the opening ceremony, Prof. Liu Congqiang stressed NSFC’s emphasis on and support for critical zone research before further explaining the content and scope of this China-UK major research programme, the scientific issues to be addressed and the expected goals. He hoped that through this workshop, the Chinese and UK scientists can increase mutual understanding, laying a solid foundation for the long-term cooperation. During the meeting, researchers from China and UK introduced their research and the planned cooperation. They also shared opinions and suggestions concerning the research program design, funding scheme, etc.

The workshop reached successfully its objectives. Both the Chinese and UK participants stated that this meeting provided a high-level international platform for critical zone research and an opportunity for China and UK to conduct substantial international cooperation, and would bring significant influences on the cooperation between Chinese and UK universities and research institutes.

Lu Rongkai, Fan Yingjie and Qiu Chunhong from the Bureau of International Cooperation and Yao Yupeng from the Department of Earth Sciences, and representatives from NERC attended the meeting.

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