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NSFC Vice President Liu Congqiang Visits Germany, Spain and Portugal

At the invitation of DFG, CSIC and FCT, a NSFC delegation led by Vice President Liu Congqiang visited Germany, Spain and Portugal from Oct. 17th to 26th, 2014.

In Germany, Vice President Liu met with DFG Vice President Michael Famulok. They held in-depth discussions on issues like current cooperation mechanism, project category and future cooperation.

In Spain, Vice President Liu signed on behalf of NSFC the MoU with CSIC Vice President. The MoU supports bilateral workshops of mutual interest. This signifies the re-starting of NSFC-CSIC cooperation and building the platform for scientists from both countries. The delegation also visited Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research, Institute Earth Sciences Jaume Almera, Institute of Geology and Mining Exploration and Biomedical Research Institute. Through the process, the delegation acquired further knowledge of the research in Geo-science and Medical science in Spain.

In Portugal, Vice President Liu and FCT President Miguel Seabra held discussions on re-starting the bilateral cooperation and joint research projects in marine sciences. The delegation participated in the Sino-Portugal Bilateral Workshop on Marine Sciences with a speech delivered by VP Liu. Afterwards, the delegation also visited Institute for Systems and Robotics,Champalimaud Foundation and The Portuguese National Laboratory for Energy and Geology.

Also from the delegation were Dong Erdan from the Department of Health Sciences, Lu Rongkai and Fan Yingjie from the Bureau of International Cooperation and Liu Yu from the Department of Geoscience.

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