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Premier Li Keqiang Stresses on Talent Fostering for Innovation

Premier Li Keqiang Stresses on Talent Fostering for Innovation

China will release talent dividends and motivate the innovative, creative and entrepreneurial vitality of the whole society through deepening the reform

------As Premier Li Keqiang stressed at the symposium

On August 21st, Premier Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, heard the report on talent training and scientific research results at the Symposium for the 20th anniversary of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (hereinafter abbreviated as the Fund) in Beijing and exchange views with the representatives of previous Fund awardees present.

Founded to foster young scientific talents and accelerate the growth of excellent academic leaders, the Fund has sponsored over 3000 recipients. After watching the research results exhibition, Premier Li fully approved not only the awardees’ outstanding achievements in various fields, but also the unique role of the Fund in discovering talents and stimulating innovation.

At the symposium, senior scientist Zhang Cunhao and dozens of the Fund awardees including Chen Zhu, Bai Chunli, Pan Jianwei and Yang Wei had a heated discussion, offering their advice and suggestions on intensifying the support for the Fund and innovating funding instruments. Premier Li appreciated their suggestions, saying that talents, particularly excellent young talents, not only reflect the national scientific and technological strength, innovation ability and competitiveness, but also represent the future of the country’s innovation. Improving the work for talent training is of great significance to accelerating the transformation of our development model and implementing the innovation-driven strategy.

Premier Li pointed out that we should unleash the talent dividends as most as possible. China has to deal with both opportunities and challenges as to keep a medium or high pace of development and shift it into a high development level. At such a crucial moment, the country’s development should not only rely on investment and diligence, but also rely on the creative potential and infinite wisdom of the 1.3 billion Chinese people. We need to expand human resource through deepening the reform so as to combine reform dividends with talent dividends, as well as upgrade China’s economy and improve its quality and efficiency.

Premier Li stressed that S&T and economic as well as social development should be connected more closely, thus providing support for myriads of entrepreneurs and integrating innovation, creation with entrepreneurship. We should remove the institutional obstacles hindering talents growth, make the free mobility of innovation elements within the whole society, and give more opportunities to creative activities. We should encourage more scientific researchers to start new businesses, so that innovation can help usher in a new round of productivity liberalization, and forge new economic drivers and create more job opportunities, as well as provide more products and services that meet the people’s demand for consumption upgrading and play a more important role in stabilizing growth, restructuring economy and improving people’s livelihood.

Premier Li pointed out further that we should optimize incentive mechanism, increase S&T investment, strengthen the support for the Fund, make the coordination between the Fund and other relevant resources and better leverage the use of government investment, channel money directly to scientists rather than a given project, give more support for right scientists we choose and reduce intervention. We should protect scientific researchers’ IPR and lawful interests, build a fair and equal environment that ensure them not be worried by infringement and plagiarism, and dragged down by unnecessary approval and evaluation procedure, so that researchers and talents could be devoted themselves on innovation.

Premier Li said that China’s economic upgrading requires hundreds of millions of talents with both knowledge and skills. The youth are full of dream and passion towards innovation. In the era of accelerating knowledge renewal, many new technologies and concepts are created by young people who are recognized as rookies  or green hands. We should create new systems and mechanisms,increase funding for excellent young talents regardless of their seniority and sectarianism. The scientists of senior generation should give guidance and pave the way for the new generation. In this way, we can attract more elites and talents to let them thrive through competition.

After the discussion, Premier Li took group photos with the participants, and bid them farewell with cordial handshakes.

Other leaders and officials including Liu Yandong, Yang Jing, Chen Zhu, Han Qide and Wan Gang attended the symposium.

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