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Two NSFC-NSF Joint Workshops in China

As part of collaborative implementation between National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), two joint workshops were held in Hangzhou and Wuhan respectively in this March. Jointly organized by the two funding agencies, both workshops had been all designed with sustainability, one with the theme of Combustion Related to Sustainable Energy and the other with Sustainable Manufacturing. Attendees to the meetings were about 20 researchers for each, plus 9 people in total from the two foundations.

Presentations by the scientists from both the U.S. and China totaled 44 in the meetings. Through active communication and discussion, scientists from both sides not only enhanced mutual understanding of each other, but also reached agreement on various issues in the two fields, laying a sound foundation for future bilateral academic exchanges and cooperation. The workshop shall go a long way towards enhancing China’s research quality in sustainable manufacturing  and the internationalization of the academic research in the two countries.

NSF representatives included Dr. JoAnne Lighty, Division Director, NSF/ENG/CBET, Dr. Bruce Hamilton, Program Director, NSF/ENG/CBET, and Dr. Bill Chang, Director of NSF Beijing Office. Participants from NSFC to Hangzhou meeting were Dr. Liu Tao from NSFC Department of Engineering and Materials Sciences, Mr. Zou Liyao, Ms. Liu Xiuping and Mr. Wei Qin from NSFC Bureau of International Cooperation, those to WuHan were Dr. Lai Yinan and Mr. Wei Qin.

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