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Academic Workshop on NSFC Major Research Plan Was Held

The academic workshop for an NSFC Major Research Plan, “Some Frontier Issues concerning Theoretical Physics and related Interdisciplinary Studies” was held in Peking University on Jan. 15-17, 2003, which was attended by about 100 participants, including members of the project team, the steering committee, the coordinating group and the working group, as well as some specially invited experts. To explore the proper ways of annual exchange, the workshop covered only 2 key projects and 3 interdisciplinary projects according to the status quo of the Plan. Prof. Chen Jia’er, NSFC President, Prof. Wang Naiyan and Prof. Zhu Daoben, NSFC Vice Presidents, also attended the workshop. In his speech, Prof. Chen noted that theoretical physics should manifest its importance through intersection with other disciplines. It is his hope that this workshop could create a favorable atmosphere and enhance the progress of theoretical physics and its cross-disciplinary studies through academic exchange among scientists. After the 3-day workshop, the attendants unanimously concluded that the Plan proceeds well with fresh headway in all the research work; and the workshop is conducive to the exchanges between the undertakers of the Plan and scholars at home and abroad, and to promoting innovative ideas as well as the success of the Plan. Participants also suggested that more conferences, especially special academic exchange workshops of this kind shall be held in the future.
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