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NSFC/RGC Joint Research Fund for FY2003

By Jan. 15, 2003, the deadline for accepting proposals for 2003 NSFC/RGC Joint Research Fund, NSFC received 224 applications, among which 217 are valid. To better promote the joint research between the mainland and Hong Kong scientists, NSFC and RGC signed the agreement in 1998 to co-sponsor such research every year. The key areas lie in marine environment, traditional Chinese medicine, new materials, management science, information science, life science, etc. The call-for-proposal for the next year comes out during the fourth quarter and the deadline for proposal submission is Jan. 15 the following year. About 15 projects will finally get funded after separate evaluations and final joint review. Up to now, the total number of projects supported reaches 60 and the first group of projects funded has already come to an end or is about to be completed. The result of the final review will be published during the fourth quarter of this year, simultaneously announced in the media by NSFC and RGC.
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