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NSFC Launched the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (Chinese Bearing Foreign Nationality)

To make the full use of overseas scientific talents, encouraging, attracting and keeping distinguished overseas talents to work in China, NSFC launched the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (Chinese Bearing Foreign Nationality), which supports Chinese young scholars under the age of 45 with foreign nationality to do full time basic research in Mainland China in the field of natural sciences. In recent years, many excellent Chinese scientists with foreign nationality came back to China to do scientific research which has greatly lifted the Mainland's research level in certain fields. But due to their foreign nationality, it's hard for them to get funding from NSFC. To encourage the Chinese scientific institutions to employ first-class young Chinese scientists around the world and support overseas Chinese young scholars to carry out research in the Mainland, NSFC launched the Fund, under the guidelines of 'choosing the best to support on the basis of scientific management, making good use of talents and establishing a sound reputation', so as to attract brilliant overseas talents to work in China and enhance the capability and research level in relative fields of China's basic research. Chinese scholars with foreign nationality holding Ph.D. degrees under the age of 45 before January 1 of the applying year and formally employed (the period of employment covers the duration of the funded program) by a Mainland university or scientific institution as professors or equivalent professional positions are qualified to apply. The program requires that applicants should have relatively high academic capability and be full-time available for doing research in the Mainland for the duration of the program. Each program is of 4 years with a funding intensity of one million yuan (0.7 million yuan for programs in mathematics and management sciences). As one of the main channels supporting China's basic research, the launch of the Fund will surely play a significant role in implementing the strategy of "strengthening China through talents" and enhancing the independent innovative capability of China's science and technology.
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