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China Accomplishes International Evaluation on Science Funding and Management Performance

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of National Science Foundation of China (hereafter NSFC ), the International Evaluation on Science Funding and Management Performance, which is by far the largest comprehensive performance assessment on science funding and management of science and technology, is completed successfully.

"As an independent assessment on science funding and management performance by the third party with a global perspective, it is an overall review and appraisal on the 25-year service of the scientific fund on the development of China’s scientific research and innovation system." NSFC President Chen Yiyu, academician of CAS made the remarks on July 4th. 

The International Evaluation Committee (IEC) was formed by 13 senior scientists from 6 countries. Former Chairman of the National Science Board, Prof. Richard N. Zare served as the chairman, and with Prof. Han Qide, Vice President of the National People's Congress, Academician of CAS, together with Prof. Winnacker, former President of DFG as Vice Presidents.

It is considered as the first cost effective, comprehensive and systematic assessment of high quality on the performance on China's Fund management.

According to reports, adopting an organizational model of "international assessment with domestic readiness", the assessment adheres to the principle of independence. The National Center for Science & Technology Evaluation is responsible for the design and conduct of assessment activities as an independent evaluation agency, preparing the evidence and materials required with the collaboration from NSFC.

The International Evaluation Committee of experts independently concluded the evaluation findings based on the prepared evidence and materials, combined with investigations and international comparisons. NSFC, as the assessed party, provided sufficient genuine information without intervening the evaluation process and findings.

President Chen said, "The 10 evaluation topics, in close connection with the evaluation needs on public expenditure and the development requirements of science fund, cover four aspects: the strategic orientation of scientific fund, funding performance, management performance and social impact. In-depth studies are conducted on these topics by domestic prestigious research institutions. A rational evaluation framework and content is designed, reflecting the characteristics of basic research and the evaluation needs on public expenditure."

The evidence and materials required were collected through a comprehensive system in various ways. A questionnaire survey was carried out with 78,000 issued copies and more than 20,000 recalled. 55 seminars and interviews were conducted on 294 subjects. A large-scale bibliometric analysis was introduced.

Jointly commissioned by the Ministry of Finance and NSFC , the assessment  commenced from early 2010, and lasts for about 1.5 years.

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