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Achievements in Sino-German Interdisciplinary Major Research Project Published by Small

Aiming at solving the complex problems in the molecularassembly research, as well as developing the potential application prospect, NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) and DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), jointly funded the first interdisciplinary major international collaborative research project(multilayered molecular assemblies: structure, dynamics and function) in 2008. Led by Professor Zhang Xi from Tsinghua University, Academician of CAS and Professor Harald Fuchs from University of Münster in Germany, the research team, composed of more than 10 professors from different research fields including chemical science, physical science, biological science and material science conducted the collaborative research. Recently, Wiley-VCH Small published a special issue (Feb., 16, 2012) of the research findings in the chemical design of molecular assembly and solution assembly, surface and interfacial composite molecular assembly, and hybrid molecular assembly, which includes 2 literature reviews, 1 concept paper, 7 newsletters and 7 full papers.

This major international cooperation project sets a good example for the future Sino-German scientific collaboration, whose successful accomplishment derives from focusing on an important, long-term research topic, the complementary expertise and mutual trust among project PIs, and the communion and sparkling of different ways of thinking, as well as the previous cooperation background.

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