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NSFC and ISFReady to launch New Program

The MoU signed between the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) on Oct. 22, 2007has led to Chinese and Israeli scientists’ fruitful cooperation and exchange activities jointly funded by bothfunding agencies.

Now the consensus reached recently by NSFC and ISF at the two meetings held respectively in February and May, 2012 will take the collaboration into a new stage.Both parties will jointly launch a newcooperation programto encourage their scientists to actively carry out substantial cooperation in research activities.They will provide funding equivalent to $ 100,000 per year to each granted Chinese and Israeli PI respectively with 3-year duration.

The applicants from bothsideshould meet respectively the eligibility set byNSFC and ISF. They are also required to submitan identical English proposal. NSFC and ISFwill review the proposals respectively and negotiate for a joint decision on the projects to be funded.

The time period for submission of proposals for FY2012 will befrom September 1st to November 1st. The funding priority areas are physics, chemistry and agriculture.

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