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Rapid Advancement of Immunology Study in China

The world-renowned Cell Press recently released a new informational supplement—Spotlight on China—to introduce the rapid developments in the basic and clinical researches in immunology in China. The electronic version of the supplement can be viewed or downloaded for free on the website of the Cell Press (http://www.cell.com/spotlightonchina), and the hard copy will be published along with the new issue of Immunity in November.

In the preface of the supplement, Prof. Xuetao Cao, President of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and President of the Chinese Society for Immunology, highlighted the Chinese traditional philosophy of “Yin and Yang” , the contribution and influences of traditional Chinese medicine to the development of western medicine and the emergence of modern immunology. He further introduced the development of immunology in China and specifically pointed out the great support and leading role of NSFC to the development of immunology in the country. He also outlined the prospect and directions of immunology research in the future.

As an informational supplement to the journal Immunity of the Cell Press, Spotlight on China introduces the achievements, research trends and future research directions by Chinese scientists in innate immunity (non-specific immunity), specific immune responses, immune regulation, autoimmune diseases, tumor immunity and immune properties of stem cells to readers around the world. Besides, it also introduces the Chinese Society for Immunology and leading Chinese immunology research bodies and teams including the Second University of Military Medical Sciences, the University of Science and Technology of China, Institute of Biophysics, CAS, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and Peking University.

According to Dr. Yang Xiaohong, senior editor and responsible person for China and Asia-Pacific region at Cell Press, this is the second time for the Cell Press to publish Spotlight on China. The spotlight series is an unprecedented introduction to a specific country or region since the establishment of the Cell Press in 1986. The first Spotlight on China published last year gave emphasis to the progress in cancer research in China. Looking into the future, the Cell Press will continue to strengthen the dialogue and cooperation with Chinese researchers and research institutions, promote the recognition of the systematic and innovative researches of Chinese scientists by the international community, and contribute to the continuous progress and leap-forward development of biomedical basic researches and transformation in China.

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