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NSFC VP Shen Yan Meets with CGIAR Guests

On June 7th, Prof. Shen Yan, NSFC Vice President met with a CGIAR delegation of two members, headed by Dr. Jonathan Wadsworth, Executive Secretary of CGIAR Fund Council. Dr. Jonathan Wadsworth came to China earlier to attend the China-CGIAR 30th Anniversary Cooperation Workshop at the invitation of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Prof. Shen expressed his warm welcome to Dr. Jonathan Wadsworth for his first visit to NSFC and hoped to push ahead bilateral cooperation through further communication. In December, 2012, Prof. Shen led an NSFC delegation to visit CGIAR consortium and reached a consensus on signing a framework MoU. The MoU signed by both parties, covering all 15CGIAR research centers, came into force in early 2013, focusing on promoting cooperation with CGIAR Research Program (CRP).

Prof. Chang Qing, Director General of Bureau of International Cooperation and Prof. ZhengYonghe, Deputy Director General of Bureau of Planning introduced NSFC’s cooperation with CGIAR’s 8 research centers and Major Research Plan of NSFC in respective, followed by a briefing by Dr. Wadsworth about the Fund Council and CRP. The Fund Council is a representative body of Fund donars and decides how to use CGIAR fund. The current chair of the Fund Council is held concurrently by Vice President of the World Bank. Fund Office is the support unit of the Fund Council and responsible for running daily business. CRP, which integrates research direction and strength from all of its centers and makes it more effective for the use of research fund, is a product yielded from CGIAR’s reform in recent years. Up to now 16 CRPs have beeninitiated. The two sides discussed actively on how to further cooperation within the framework of CRP based on ongoing bilateral cooperation with CGIAR research centers and hoped to expand and deepen current cooperation through collaboration with CRP.

NSFC first started its cooperation with CGIAR research centers in 1999. Through all these years, cooperation between NSFC and CGIAR has expanded from 2 research centers to 8. CGIAR has become the major channel for internatioal cooperation in NSFC in agriculture. So far, NSFC has funded 30 NSFC-CGIAR Joint Research Projects, totaling 47.8 million RMB. NSFC plans to fund 11 NSFC-CGIAR Joint Research Projects this year with a funding of 24 milion RMB.

Prof. Han Yu, Director General, General Office of NSFC was present at the meeting.

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