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Prof. Liu Congqiang heads the NSFC delegation to Finland

A NSFC delegation headed by Prof. Liu Congqiang paid a visit to Finland from May 29 to June 3, 2013 at the invitation of the Academy of Finland(AF). During the visit, Prof. Liu held talks with Prof. HeikkiMannila, President of AF, reviewing China-Finland cooperation, exchanging the progress of NSFC-AF joint research projects, and making forward-looking plans for future collaboration. Both sides were satisfied with the outcomes of the existing close bilateral collaboration, and expressed their joint support for future NSFC-AF collaboration and China-Europe multilateral collaboration. Members of the delegation include Prof. Chang Qing, Director General, Bureau of International Cooperation, Prof. Chen Yue, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Inspection, NSFC etc.

During the trip, the delegation also listened toa presentation of AF’s LASTU program by Prof. LassiPäivärinta from University of Helsinki, a general introduction of AF by Ms. ArjaKallio, an introduction of AF’s cooperation with China by Dr. RistoVikko, and an introduction of the forest biodiversity and ecosystem services programby Dr. TiinaForsman, acquiringsome latest developmentof such fields as computational sciences, as well as AF’s collaboration with China.

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