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Vice Premier Stresses on Basic Research in Technology Innovation

On May 28th,VicePremier Madam Liu Yandong pointed out on her visit to NSFCthat science should be given more emphasis on its long term value, which could guide technology innovation, create new demands, open new areas for economic growth, and boost the healthy social and economic development as well as sustainable prosperity.

Madam Liu fully affirmed the remarkable achievement and developments NSFC has accomplished in various aspects in the past years. She pointed out that NSFC had endlessly deepened the exploration of science funding theory, perfected management mechanism, strengthened collaborative innovation, broadened open cooperation, promoted the scientific, democratic and law-based management, winning its reputation in the scientific and technological community, as well as international evaluation experts alike. The establishment, perfection and development of science funding system have played an important role in prospering the basic research and strengthening research personnel in China and made great contributions to improving the ability of independent innovation and accelerating the establishment of the innovation-oriented country.

She emphasized that CPC Central Committee has raised scientific innovation to a new strategic priority andthe 18th CPC National Congress had explicitly emphasized on the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy. It had been pointed out that scientific innovation is the strategic support for increasing social productivity and overall national capacity. Thus it should be placed in the core for national development. Basic research is the root for scientific innovation. China has a complete discipline system and rather advanced scientific infrastructure, which has produced large numbers of innovative talents and a number of scientific achievements. However, the original ability for innovation of the country is not yet strong, major innovative achievements are seldom, especially with a lack in landmark achievements in international research frontiersand supporting national industry transformation. The development of the basic research in China has yet to adapt to the needs of domestic and international situation.

Madam Liu stressed that science funding system is the successful practiceof science and technology system reform. With the reform and the innovative spirit,NSFC should further deepen strategic research, work on new ideas for development, and serve the interests of national overall development.

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