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NSFC VP Meets with Wiley Delegation

Prof. He Minghong, Vice President of NSFC met with the Wiley delegation headed by Dr. Stephen M. Smith, CEO of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Prof. He extended his welcome to the delegation and briefed on the profile of NSFC. Hepointed out that NSFC has always been attaching pivotal importance to publishing and sparing no efforts in disseminating its funding results, so as to proffer the public the access to information.

Dr. Smith expressed his appreciation for this visit invited by NSFC. He introduced that, as a leading publishing house worldwide, Wiley has witnessed the development of science and research capacity in China and the dramatic increase of publications by Chinese scientists. As a science funding agency, NSFC’s funding results are mainly published in the form of research papers, so it is Wiley’s hope to seek future opportunities to cooperate with NSFC in areas of mutual interest.

Vice President He said that the publications of the applicants are taken into account as a key reference in the review of NSFC’ project applications, and by publishing research findings in international academic journals, scientists could not only take an initiative in the international arena of scientific and technological exchanges, but also learn about the latest research trends by reading research papers published by other peer scientists in international academic journals.

Views were also exchanged by both sides on open access to information, indexes for project review, digitized publishing, the relationship between quantity and quality of academic papers, etc. Both sidesagreed that joint efforts should be made in maintaining a close tie and seeking opportunities for collaboration, with a view to better serving the science community.

Participants in the meeting also included Dr. Han Yu, Director General of NSFC General Office, Dr. ZhengYonghe, DeputyDirector General of NSFC Bureau of Planning, Ms. Zhang Xiangping, Director of NSFC Press Center, and Dr. Zhang Xiaolin, Curator of National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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