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NSFC Vice President He Visits Belgium and the Netherlands

The NSFC delegation led by Vice President Prof. He Minghong visited Belgium and the Netherlands from Sept. 5th to 12th, 2013, at the invitation of Directorate-General -Research and Innovation and The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

In Belgium, the delegation visited DG-RTD and European Research Council. In DG-RTD, Vice President He met with Dr. Anneli Pauli, Deputy Director-General of Innovation and European Research and exchanged views on issues such as research integrity, open access, project re-examination and research ethics. Prof. He inquired into EU Framework Program and the relevant policy measures of European Research Council, and then introduced NSFC’s efforts in the aspect of research integrity and open access. At European Research Council, Prof. He met with theDirector General of the Council Pablo Amor. During the meeting, both sides introduced their general situation and latest developments, exchanging views on how to reinforce communication between the two organizations and establishingeffective long-term mechanism.

In the Netherlands, Prof. He met and discussed with NWO President Prof. Jos Engelen, Director of Policy Development Department and Dr. Jan Koppen. Both sides systematically reviewed Sino-Dutch cooperation and exchanged views on research integrity, open access and personnel training, etc. Both sides were satisfied with the close cooperation and achievements within the past years and agreedto further promote Sino-Dutch cooperation and integratebilateral cooperation into multilateral cooperation framework. In the Netherlands, the delegation also paid visits to VSNU and LOWI on the issue of research integrity and National Library of The Netherlands on issue of open access. During the visit of the delegation at TUDelft, President Dirk Jan van den Berg gave an introduction on the Sino-Dutch cooperation and the delegationheld discussion with grantees of the NSFC-NWO joint grant on the problems and suggestions in Sino-Dutch joint research. The delegation also visited CosmoNanoscience Lab and EWI lab.

In Belgium and the Netherlands, the delegation also paid visits to Mr. Wu Hailong, Chinese Ambassador to European Union and Mr. Liu Chun, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands. Members of the delegation also included Mr. GaoTiyu, Director General of the Bureau of Supervision, Mrs. Zhang Xiaohua, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Personnel, Mrs. Zhang Xiangping, Director of the Media Center and Mrs. Fan Yingjie, Deputy Division Director of the Bureau of International Cooperation.

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