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Cooperation Framework Agreement Signed between NSFC and Elsevier

The Cooperation Framework Agreement between NSFC and Elsevier was signed on October 15 by Prof. GaoRuiping, Vice President of NSFC, and Mr. Nick Fowler, Managing Director of Academic and Government Institutions at Elsevier. The Cooperation between NSFC and Elsevier mainly covers two aspects: first, Elsevier offers users of NSFC Science Information System free access to Scopus service so that all users, including NSFC staff, reviewers, project PIs, applicants and administrative staff of the hostinstitutions, can obtain the publication information of Natural Science Fund applicants without charge; second, Elsevier offers NSFC a free trial of a customized SciVal service to provide technical assistance tothe selection of peer reviewers and the evaluation of NSFC’s funding and managing performance.

The National Natural Science Fund has experienced rapid development in recent years with the strong support from the government. Meanwhile, the demands for an intelligent project management information system and information opennesshave been growing.On the one hand, NSFC has been looking for more objective data and analytical instruments to improve the management quality and efficiency. On the other hand, NSFC is making great efforts to improve information openness, promote open access to publications and outcomes of NSFC-funded projects, and provide high-quality information services to scientists.

The development of the National Natural Science Fund and the demand of project management lay the foundation for the cooperation between NSFC and Elsevier. The cooperation will set up a new model for NSFC’s international cooperation and play an active role in utilizing external resources to strengthen Natural Science Fund management, publicizing Natural Science Fund performance and improving Chinese scientists’ international influences.

Prof. MengXianping, Director-General of the Bureau of Planning, Prof. FengFeng, Director-General of the Bureau of International Cooperation, Prof. ZhengYonghe, Deputy Director-General of the Bureau of Planning and Mr. Li Jianjun, Director of the Information Center of NSFC also attended the signing ceremony.

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