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NSFC President Meets with Senior Vice President of IOP Publishing

President Yang Wei met with Dr. Nicola Gulley, Senior Vice President-Editorial of IOP Publishing on November 27, 2013. The two sides discussed issues related to open access. Prof. Yang introduced NSFC’s current policy on open access and thoughts on future development. Dr. Gulley introduced the policies and practices of the UK Institute of Physics.

Dr. Mingfang Lu, Chief Representative of the Institute of Physics Beijing Office, Prof. Meng Xianping, Director General of the Bureau of Planning, Ms. Zhang Xiangping, Director of the News Center, Prof. Lu Rongkai, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of International Cooperation, Mr. Li Jianjun, Deputy Director of the Information Center, and Dr. Ni Peigen of the Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences attended the meeting.

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