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Vol. 17(13), 2007
Publication Date:
Article List
  • 1 David H. Hubel
    The crystal-like anatomical uniformity of the striate cortex
    2007 Vol. 17(13):1-3 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 4 Charles Gilbert, Wu Li, Justin McManus, Valentin Piech and Matias Yamahachi
    Neural mechanisms of perceptual learning
    2007 Vol. 17(13):4-6 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 7 Raja Parasuraman
    Genetic and neuroimaging studies of cholinergic-neurotrophic modulation of visual attention
    2007 Vol. 17(13):7-18 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 19 Kang Cheng
    Visualizing columnar architectures using high-field fMRI
    2007 Vol. 17(13):19-23 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 24 Nie Aiqing, Guo Chunyan and Shen Mowei
    Neural correlation of item recognition and voice source retrieval
    2007 Vol. 17(13):24-28 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 29 Wang Yan and Luo Yuejia
    Orienting in voluntary and involuntary attention conditions
    2007 Vol. 17(13):29-34 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 35 Shao Zhifang and He Minxuan
    Perceptual learning of dot pattern
    2007 Vol. 17(13):35-38 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 39 Zhang Dexuan, Shao Liping and Zhou Xiaolin
    Opening the attentional window in attentional blink: An attentional cuing study
    2007 Vol. 17(13):39-46 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 47 Ma Yanyun, Wang Yan and Luo Yuejia
    An ERP study for the degrees of the difficulty in visual search
    2007 Vol. 17(13):47-52 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 53 Sui Guangyuan and Wu Yan
    Eye movements study on overt attention orienting in children with learning disabilities
    2007 Vol. 17(13):53-61 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 62 Chen Baoguo, Liu Ying, Wang Lixin, Peng Danling and Charles A. Perfetti
    The timing of graphic, phonological and semantic activation of high and low frequency Chinese characters: An ERP study
    2007 Vol. 17(13):62-70 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 71 Wang Naiyi, Maess Burkhard, Li Hong and Luo Yuejia
    Executive inhibition in mental arithmetic
    2007 Vol. 17(13):71-76 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 77 Ma Zhenling, Guo Taomei, Peng Danling and Yan yan
    ERP evidence for neural dissociation of processing Chinese nouns and verbs
    2007 Vol. 17(13):77-80 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 81 Huang Li and Zhou Xiaolin
    Conditional automaticity in retrieving multiplication facts: Evidence from Chinese
    2007 Vol. 17(13):81-92 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 93 Luo Wenbo and Luo Yuejia
    An ERP study on shift of spatial attention resulting from number processing
    2007 Vol. 17(13):93-98 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 99 Ralph Adolphs
    The social brain: Insights from cognitive neuroscience
    2007 Vol. 17(13):99-105 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 106 Yang Juan, Li Hong, Qiu Jiang and Zhang Qinglin
    Effects of self evaluation on late ERP components
    2007 Vol. 17(13):106-109 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 110 Liu Ying, Jiang Zhongqing and Yang Lizhu
    ERP comparison of emotional activity between emotion-facilitation and emotion-interference children
    2007 Vol. 17(13):110-114 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 115 Yuan Jiajin, Li Hong, Chen Antao and Luo Yuejia
    Neural correlates underlying humans’ differential sensitivity to emotionally negative stimuli of varying valences: an ERP study
    2007 Vol. 17(13):115-121 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 122 Xu Xiaokun and Zhou Xiaolin
    Conflict adaptation in the perception of emotional valence in a Stroop task
    2007 Vol. 17(13):122-125 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 126 Li Chunxia, Zhang Wenjing, Yan Bo and Xu Fen
    What is the most important in development of theory of mind?—The roles of EF, verbal and arithmetic ability, and working memory
    2007 Vol. 17(13):126-130 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 131 Ma Shuhua, Jia Baohui, Dai Xu, Huang Baojun, Huang Tao and Li Yuguang
    Functional magnetic resonance imaging of amphetamine craving
    2007 Vol. 17(13):131-135 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 136 Yu Rongjun, Luo Yuejia, Ye Zheng and Zhou Xiaolin
    Does the FRN in brain potentials reflect motivational/affective consequence of outcome evaluation?
    2007 Vol. 17(13):136-143 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 144 Wu Dingcheng, Liu Xinxin, Guo Taomei and Xu Fen
    Neural correlates of moral judgment of lying: An event-related-potential study
    2007 Vol. 17(13):144-149 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 150 Zhang Xuan and Zhou Xiaolin
    Time perception of emotional events
    2007 Vol. 17(13):150-153 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 154 Zuo Xinian, Zhu Chaozhe and Zang Yufeng
    Mean mutual information ratio: a new method for ranking components of ICA
    2007 Vol. 17(13):154-160 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 161 Zhao Nan, Liu Xiaofeng, Yu Wenli and Wang Supin
    ERP instantaneous synchronization analysis based on cross approximate entropy
    2007 Vol. 17(13):161-164 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 165 Li Xiaobai and Song Yiying
    First congenital prosopagnosia case reported in China
    2007 Vol. 17(13):165-171 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 172
    2007 Vol. 17(13):172-221 [abstract] HTML PDF