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Vol. 16(13), 2006
Publication Date:
Article List
  • 0
    Marine and Non-marine Jurassic: Boundary Events and Correlation
    2006 Vol. 16(13):0-0 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 1
    Chronostratigraphic units in the Jurassic and their boundaries: Definition, recognition and correlation, causal mechanisms
    2006 Vol. 16(13):1-11 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 12
    The Triassic-Jurassic boundary in the Middle Eastern Levant: The magmatic event
    2006 Vol. 16(13):12-22 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 23
    Carbon isotope negative excursions across the Triassic-Jurassic boundary interval in the Tibetan Himalayas
    2006 Vol. 16(13):23-30 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 31
    The Jurassic-Cretaceous transition of Southern Sweden—palynological and sedimentological interpretation
    2006 Vol. 16(13):31-38 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 39
    Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary in northeastern China: placement based on buchiid bivalves and dinoflagellate cysts
    2006 Vol. 16(13):39-49 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 50
    New data on isotopic composition of Jurassic-Early Cretaceous cephalopods
    2006 Vol. 16(13):50-67 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 68
    Main Jurassic geological events along the eastern Paleo-Asian continental margin
    2006 Vol. 16(13):68-89 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 90
    The Jurassic system of China—Main characteristics and recent advances in research
    2006 Vol. 16(13):90-107 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 108
    The Jurassic System in SW Japan: review of recent research
    2006 Vol. 16(13):108-118 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 119
    Lithostratigraphy and faunal aspects of marine Jurassic rocks in Thailand
    2006 Vol. 16(13):119-152 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 153
    Non-marine Jurassic rocks of Thailand: A summary
    2006 Vol. 16(13):153-162 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 163
    Depositional environments of Bathonian sediments from the Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan, western India
    2006 Vol. 16(13):163-175 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 176
    Depositional history of the early part of the Jurassic succession on the Rajasthan Shelf, western India
    2006 Vol. 16(13):176-185 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 186
    Stratigraphy and paleontology of the marine Jurrassic strata in Vietnam
    2006 Vol. 16(13):186-193 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 194
    Radiometric dating of sediments derived from metamorphic rocks of the Dabie orogenic belt in the Jurasic and Early Cretaceous
    2006 Vol. 16(13):194-202 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 203
    Aspects of Romanian Early-Middle Jurassic palaeobotany and palynology. Part VII. Successions and floras
    2006 Vol. 16(13):203-212 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 213
    Jurastrobus chenii gen. et sp. nov., a cycadalean pollen cone connected with vegetative parts from Inner Mongolia, China
    2006 Vol. 16(13):213-221 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 222
    Biodiversity and palaeoclimate of the Middle Jurassic floras from the Tiaojishan Formation in western Liaoning, China
    2006 Vol. 16(13):222-230 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 231
    A new cheirolepidiaceous conifer from the Early Jurassic of the Junggar Basin, northern Xinjiang and its paleoclimatic implications
    2006 Vol. 16(13):231-235 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 236
    A structurally preserved cycadlike stem, Lioxylon liaoningense gen. et. sp. nov., from the Middle Jurassic in Western Liaoning, China
    2006 Vol. 16(13):236-248 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 249
    Geochemical characteristics of fossil Solenites murrayana cuticles from the Jurassic in Lanzhou, northwest China
    2006 Vol. 16(13):249-257 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 258
    Leaf cuticular characters of Ginkgo and implications for paleoatmospheric CO2 in the Jurassic
    2006 Vol. 16(13):258-263 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 264
    The calcareous nannofossil record and its geological significance in the Jurassic black shales from the Qiangtang Basin, northern Tibetan Plateau
    2006 Vol. 16(13):264-273 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 274
    Middle-Late Jurassic marine dinoflagellate cysts from the eastern Qiangtang Basin in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
    2006 Vol. 16(13):274-283 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 284
    Revision of the genus Abrestheria (Crustacea: Conchostraca) from the Dabeigou Formation of northern Hebei, China
    2006 Vol. 16(13):284-291 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 292
    Jurassic radiation of large Branchiopoda (Arthropoda: Crustacea) using secondary structure-based phylogeny and relaxed molecular clocks
    2006 Vol. 16(13):292-302 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 303
    Revision of “Parahagla lamina” Lin, 1982 and two new species of Aboilus (Orthoptera: Prophalangopsidae) from the EarlyMiddle Jurassic of Northwest China
    2006 Vol. 16(13):303-307 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 308
    Discussions on the age of the Daohugou fauna—evidence from invertebrates
    2006 Vol. 16(13):308-312 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 313
    Jurassic and Cretaceous Cupedomorpha (Insecta: Coleoptera) faunas of China
    2006 Vol. 16(13):313-322 [abstract] HTML PDF