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Vol. 15(13), 2005
Publication Date:
Article List
  • 1 Mi WANG
    Seeing a new dimension-The past decade’s developments on electrical impedance tomography
    2005 Vol. 15(13):1-13 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 14 Fangming JIN,Heiji ENOMOTO
    Hydrothermal conversion of biomass wastes into resources
    2005 Vol. 15(13):14-22 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 23 Fahai CAO,Nianjun LUO,Yiting LIU,Dingye FANG,Tiancun XIAO,Shizhuo GUO
    Alkylation of toluene with 1,3-pentadiene over silica supported aluminum chloride catalyst in an extracting-distilling reactor
    2005 Vol. 15(13):23-29 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 30 Xiaogan LI,Girish M. KALE
    Synthesis and characterizations of nanosized tin-doped indium oxide by different soft-chemical routes
    2005 Vol. 15(13):30-34 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 35 Tao CHEN,Anne NEVILLE,Mingdong YUAN,Ken SORBIE
    Influence of PPCA inhibitor on CaCO3 scale surface deposition and bulk precipitation at elevated temperature
    2005 Vol. 15(13):35-41 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 42 Kai ZHANG,Stefano BRANDANI,Jicheng BI
    Computational fluid dynamics for dense gas-solid fluidized beds
    2005 Vol. 15(13):42-51 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 52 Benjing XU,Xin SUN,Zifeng YAN,Tiancun XIAO
    Deactivation study of CoAPO-11 molecular sieve on skeletal isomerization of 1-hexene
    2005 Vol. 15(13):52-55 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 56 Xiubo ZHAO,Fang PAN,Jian R. LU
    Adsorption of polyethyleneimine characterized by spectroscopic ellipsometry
    2005 Vol. 15(13):56-59 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 60 Yunfeng XU,Ji YANG,Jinping JIA,Yalin WANG
    Effects of electrolysis on Microcystis aeruginosa in water
    2005 Vol. 15(13):60-66 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 67 Shanning DONG,Long WU,Nigel PATERSON,Alan A. HEROD,Denis R. DUGWELL,Rafael KANDIYOTI
    The fate of injectant coal in blast furnaces: The origin of extractable materials of high molecular mass in blast furnace carryover dusts
    2005 Vol. 15(13):67-75 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 76 Zhuo CAI
    Mechanism of electrochemical evolution of chlorine and oxygen at Ti/SnO2-IrO2 anode
    2005 Vol. 15(13):76-81 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 82 Zulin ZHANG,Gang YU,Jie CHENG,Xu WANG,Fusong ZHANG,Junliang ZHOU
    Carbon isotopic fractionation during photolysis of hexachlorobenzene
    2005 Vol. 15(13):82-88 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 89 Muzhong SHEN,Sudipta ROY,Keith SCOTH,Simon. J. HIGGINS,Gamini RAJAPAKSE
    Electrochemical characterization of the Pt /PEDOT electrode in DMFC
    2005 Vol. 15(13):89-97 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 98 Yaodong WEI,Jianfei SONG,Mingxian SHI,Hu ZHANG
    Numerical simulation of the asymmetric gas?phase flow field in a volute cyclone separator
    2005 Vol. 15(13):98-104 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 105 Xin SUN,Benjing XU,Tiancun XIAO,Qingfang ZHA,Farhan M. ALSHAHRANI
    Adsorptive desulfurization using carbon materials with different surface areas
    2005 Vol. 15(13):105-110 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 111 Yurong HE,Huilin LU,Dongsheng WEN,Yulong DING
    A numerical study on the gas fluidisation of secondary agglomerates of nanoparticles
    2005 Vol. 15(13):111-116 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 117 Hu ZHANG,Weixiang WANG,Shengdi FAN
    Power consumption and mixing in a miniaturised bioreactor
    2005 Vol. 15(13):117-123 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 124 Qingzhao WANG,Peng WANG,Zonglin LIU,Fanjun MENG
    Microwave absorbing properties of polyaniline/montmorillonite doped with dodecylbenzensulfonic acid nanocomposite
    2005 Vol. 15(13):124-130 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 131 Qiang FAN,Ying XU,Brian MCQUILLIN,Geoff HILL
    Performance degradation of GaAs multi quantum well solar cells after proton irradiation
    2005 Vol. 15(13):131-133 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 134 Zheng JIANG,Jixin SU,Yun HAN,Farhan ALSHAHRANI,Zhengping HAO,Tiancun XIAO
    The effects of transition metal in Sn-based pyrochlores on the methane catalytic combustion
    2005 Vol. 15(13):134-138 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 139 Hai XU,David E. WILLIAMS,Jian R. LU
    The effect of antibody surface packing density on its antigen binding capacity
    2005 Vol. 15(13):139-144 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 145 Yunhong JIANG,Dapeng LIU,Yulong DING,Xihong LI,Changlu WANG
    Release of dioctyl phthalate (DOP) from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in apple packaging
    2005 Vol. 15(13):145-148 [abstract] HTML PDF
  • 149 Dengjie ZHONG,Ji YANG,Jinping JIA,Yalin WANG,Huihui YUAN
    Degradation of dye wastewater containing reactive brilliant blue X-BR using a rotating electrochemical disc process
    2005 Vol. 15(13):149-153 [abstract] HTML PDF